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We offer LPG modular plant fabrication mainly completed by our staff in Sherbrooke, QC, allowing for more consistent designs and savings for the customer, as well as reducing the costs associated with field fabrication.

Additionally, custom steel fabrication services are available. Numerous applications include CO2, SO2, NH3 and LNG storage tanks, blowdown tanks, oil/gas separators, water filtration vessels, Section I BP/BEP piping, custom process pressure vessels, and steel fabrication.

Our in-house equipment includes large-capacity overhead cranes, mobile cranes (65-ton capacity), 750-ton press, steel rolls, a CNC plasma table (15 ft x 60 ft long), and specialized welding equipment.

Repairs & Inspections

Pro-Par, Inc. repairs LPG bobtails and highway tanks at both its Sherbrooke, Quebec and Aylmer, Ontario locations. Within the scope of the M1 (annual) and M5 (5-year) inspections, we advise customers of any required repairs in order to keep the fleet moving safely and efficiently and ensure compliance with the latest versions of the B620 or the 49CFR. We help you better understand regulatory compliance, and we are there to answer any questions you might have.


Pro-Par, Inc. repairs used propane tanks of all sizes and configurations, extending their useful lives. Parts and labor are guaranteed for a full year on all reconditioned tanks. Repairs to pressure vessels are completed in accordance with the CSA B51 and the NBIC (“R” stamp). An automated shot blast takes care of most tanks 2,400 U.S. Water Gallons (USWG) and smaller. We exclusively use an epoxy primer and urethane finish for all tanks.

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